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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Platinum group and the Elite Scalpers group?

The Platinum group includes all forex and trading education required to become a successful trader. It is both for novices to advanced traders to understand all concepts that are important to understanding our trading style. You will learn how to scalp trade proficiently.

The Elite Scalpers membership is for advanced traders who already know how to scalp trade and want to level up in their trading by flipping accounts.

Account flipping is only for advanced traders. For novice and intermediate traders who want to learn to flip accounts, you are not ready yet and this is not for you. We will support and monitor your trading journey until you are consistent and profitable. Only then should you attempt to flip accounts.

What is your win rate and risk to reward ratio?

According to previous data and result we have over a 80% win rate. The risk to reward ratio varies anywhere from a 1:1 to 1:5. When we scalp, we have different methods of entering and exiting trades that allow us to have a greater win rate. We also move our stop loss to break even to avoid unnecessary losses. 

Is your strategy rule-based?

Yes, our scalping strategy is rule based. We wait for a specific time of the day for our trading pairs, identify and draw up our key zones of interest based on a selection of confluences – for example imbalance zones and supply/order blocks.

Our stop losses are strategically placed based on our zones.

We also have exclusions where we don’t take trades based on specific conditions eg. CPI, PPI.


Do you provide signals?

No, but we do something better. Everyday we provide a daily chart of our key zones of interest that we are looking to scalp from.
Once you learn our scalping strategy you will be able to use the key zones as guidelines to scalp from. Many of our traders love these key zones as a point of reference,  because it also allows them to learn at the same time.

We don’t provide signals because we found that you don’t really learn how to trade, you only learn how to copy – therefore not developing your own skills as a trader.

Your aim should be to become a consistent, profitable and confident trader. 

Learn more about our daily market scans.

If I follow your zones of interest on your daily market scans, does that mean we will be both be taking the same trades?
No, that is copy trading. Unlike signals, our zones of interest are reference points of high potential set ups that our scalp strategy may be applied to. After doing our scalp course you will understand why those zones are marked, but the entries and take profit are in your control. You will notice in our private Discord, many people are taking similar trades but controlling the entries, stop losses and take profits themselves.
What indicators do you use?

This may come as a shock to many that we don’t use any of the popular technical indicators like MACD, RSI, Bollinger Bands or Exponential Moving Averages (EMA).

Indicators are lagging data which have led many to have more losses, rather than wins, in the past.

This is why we use two crucial pieces of information when scalping the markets which do not lag. They are volume and liquidity imbalance pools.

Can we talk on the phone?

Please send me a message first so I can understand your specific needs of how I can help you. We can start from there.

Can I contact you via Telegram?

Yes, we have a free Telegram you can join here:

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